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“Meg is a one in a million dog which is why her KC name is Meg in a Million. She was bought from a farm after I graduated in 2011 and we have been inseparable ever since. I’d heard about a local agility club so we went for a trial and have been hooked ever since! 2018 has been our most successful year, winning into grade 6 and runners up at the Dogs In Need Final. Our successes would not be possible without the support from Iain keeping Meg in top condition. The most important thing for me is keeping Meg fit and healthy to keep her jumping at her best.”


“Fred is my first agility dog from a farm and was very special as he was my graduation present. After 2 years we found out he had epilepsy and we thought our agility career will be cut short. After a lot of time, patience and support from trainers and Iain we have gone from grade 1-5 in the space of 1 year. I don’t have any expectations, just a long and happy life!”


Both Vicky and Lauren have trusted me with the physiotherapy needs of Meg and Freddie since I started training as a Veterinary Physiotherapist. It is very obvious watching these two bright partnerships that the welfare and care of Meg and Freddie are always at the forefront of their minds, and working together, we hope to ensure Meg and Freddie are in the very best condition. I look forward to continue working with you both along with your very exciting new edition to the family, Wilf.



“I’m 18 years old and have been competing in Agility for 4 years, and have competed internationally on the YKC TEAM GB with one of my older collies, winning 2 bronze medals and a gold. Bliss is my youngest dog, and my fastest! She measures 41.5cm so is comfortably medium and midi at UKA – and crazy driven for agility! In her first few months competing she is 1 jumping win off of Grade 5 at KC and qualified for 3 of the UKA grand finals in October, as well as qualifying for the Agility Secrets Jumping Cup Final in September. She’s so much fun to run and train with, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the future as our partnership continues to improve; with Iain’s support and treatments keeping her in top working condition.”

Sammy and Bliss are an amazing agility partnership with a bright future ahead of them. Bliss and Sammy have achieved a huge amount at such a young age, and we look forward to working with them to achieve even more.

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