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Welcome to Superfly’s online cavaletti training where you can learn how to improve your dogs health, condition and body awareness.


Through a series of 8 exercises we will teach your dog that it has hind limbs and how to use them efficiently.  We will help to maintain and improve the health of its joints whilst strengthening and improving muscle condition.


With a little practice from you and your dog, we can improve your dogs’ performance in canine activities.  This is achieved by improving their body awareness and proprioception enabling them to be more efficient in using the body.  One exercise is aimed at improving speed and performance which will be particularly of benefit to those of you with sporting dogs.


Those that have already completed this course have been surprised at how challenging the dogs initially found some exercises, but with practice have overcome the challenges.  Once complete, you will have a series of exercises you can use to maintain health and fitness, encourage good joint health and movement and potentially improve the condition of your dog.


The course is delivered through a series of 8 videos, each depicting an individual exercise with specific goals and objectives.  Alongside these videos support is given via a private Facebook group where you are encouraged to post videos and ask questions for feedback.  The exercises and subsequent support is provided by a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, who also competes at the highest domestic level in agility.


You will also have lifetime access to the exercise videos and Facebook group.


All this for only £40 Working Spot, £25 Audit spot


Contact us if you have any questions:

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