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Iain Macdonald

I have been involved dogs since childhood, with my first dog being a retired racing greyhound who went everywhere with me.  For the past 20 yrs I have owned or co-owned a number of dogs of a variety of breeds of varying sizes.  During these 20 yrs, I have been involved with their training for obedience, agility and general lifeskills.  

My main passion is dog agility and have been competing since 2008. In March 2010 I sat my judges exam and have judged at numerous Kennel Club, UKA and independent shows.  In October 2010 I took past the Agility Club Approved Instructor (ACAI) programme.  I then followed this up in 2013 completing the Lauren Langman Approved Agility Instructor (LLAAI) programme Levels 1 to 3.  I have also completed Agility 1st’s instructor course.  I currently sit on the Kennel Club’s Activities Health and Welfare Sub-group and served as the Southeast and East Anglia Regional Agility Liaison Council Representative for the Kennel Club from 2015 to 2020.

I currently am owned by five dogs, three border collies and two Miniature American Shepherds.  Two of my border collies are now retired, I currently compete at Gr7 and Champ with my Mini American Shepherd, Nami.  I have recently added Juju, an ISDS working border collie to the family.  Currently only 4 months old but hope to go on to compete at agility with her when she his old.  You can follow her progress on our puppy journal.

I strongly believe that agility along with other sports puts a lot of stress on our dogs, and as such believe it is important to keep our dogs in the best condition that we can.  With this in mind, whilst competing with my first dog, Nutmeg, I started to look at ways to ensure that I could keep her in optimum condition and injury free.  In 2015, I started on the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer program with Fitpaws and the University of Tennessee, graduating in April 2016.  

In 2016-17 I completed a Professional Level 6 Diploma in Small Animal Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with Justo Development to further my knowledge and skill set to help me keep my dogs and others in the best condition we can.  As well as treatments following injury, I strongly believe that sporting dogs need regular maintenance and checks with  a physiotherapist as well as other therapist to ensure they are in optimum condition for the tasks we ask them to perform.  I strongly believe that as veterinary physiotherapists we are part of a larger multi-disciplinary care team, and will often work or recommend alternative therapies and approaches where relevant.

I am always keen on helping owners understand how they can take a proactive preventative approach to their dogs and to this end enjoy teaching workshops and online courses to pass on my knowledge in canine fitness and conditioning.