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Fitness Sessions


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We offer a range of options to meet your canine fitness needs;


Fitness Programme Option 1: A personal tailored fitness plan for your dog.

This package includes two appointments.  The first appointment involves a full musculoskeletal assessment followed by a fitness assessment.  A fitness programme will then be created for your dog based on the results of the fitness assessment, which we will run through during the second appointment.


Fitness Programme Option 2: A personal tailored fitness plan for your dog plus four 1-2-1 sessions

This package includes all the benefits of option 1, but also include four 1-2-1 sessions for the price of 3 sessions.


1-2-1 Sessions: 

These sessions are a 40min individual session where we can work on any areas of fitness that you feel are appropriate.  These can be in conjunction with an ongoing fitness programme or as a standalone session.  You will get the opoortunity to use the full range of our equipment (where appropriate).  Where these sessions are in conjunction with a fitness programme, the sessions will be designed to push your dog harder to gain further benefits.


Block of 5 1-2-1 Sessions:

This offer is exclusively available to those clients currently working through one of our fitness programmes.  Those clients have the option of buying a block of 5 fitness sessions for the price of 4.


Treadmill Sessions

We believe there are several benefits to using a dog treadmill, so are happy to offer supervised 30min treadmill sessions.  During these sessions you will work your dog on the treadmill, and we will be there to supervise and advise for safety. Discounts are available where a block of 5 sessions are booked.



Note: All package sessions are to be used within 6 months of the first appointment


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