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Alice Moodie

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Alice Moodie

We are really excited to have Alice join us here at Superfly.

Alice will be joining us to assist on all our online courses as well as offering face to face training in the near future.

Having grown up with a variety of dogs, Alice has gained experience in training and working with several different breeds. Ever since she could walk, she has been interested in training dogs and has since competed in agility, carried out some heelwork to music demonstrations as well as enjoying teaching dogs all they life skills they need.

Agility is Alice’s main passion and has competed at a high level and has competed at Crufts on a number of occasions. Alice currently has 4 dogs, 3 terriers and a border collie. Pip, who is Alice’s eldest terrier who is now retired, took her to grade 7 and championship classes, gaining 2 reserve challenge certificates. In 2013 Alice and Pip were selected to represent England at the World Agility Open Championships. Alice currently competes with Whiskey, who is currently grade 6 and Aussie, who is just starting out in his competing career in grade 2. Fee-gee, Alice’s youngest terrier is just starting out in her foundation training for agility and will feature in some videos very shortly. Alice has also competed and trained several of her friend’s dogs meaning she has gained experience of a variety of sizes and breeds from chihuahuas to lurchers. As well as competing in agility, Alice is qualified to judge at Kennel Club licenced shows, passing the KC judging exam and increasing her expertise by undertaking a course run by the Global Judging Programme.

At Crufts, in 2011, Alice was nominated for The Shaun McAlpine award; this award is an outstanding young person’s award for members of the Young Kennel Club. Alice won the 17-24 age category as well as the overall award. Alice had been nominated for this award by a member of the training club that she taught at for a number of years, for her training abilities.

In addition, Alice is currently working on furthering her knowledge and expertise through IMDT where she is training to become a canine behaviourist.